Design Services

Don't spend hours wading through predesigned templates, trying to make them fit your needs! Let our professional graphic designers create a custom mail piece that is all about you, specifically designed to capture YOUR selected market! We will brainstorm with you for key ideas that will make just the right impact in print! Or upload your pre-created design and we will provide you with a beautifully printed ad piece.

Custom Designs

Our artists are trained professionals in the ways of making your message stand out in the mail. Let us create an outstanding mini-billboard that will go right into the hands of your best prospect.

Our custom designs are super affordable. Call today and let's get started marketing!

Client Supplied Graphics

If you already have created your own design, that's GREAT! You can log into your account and upload your files. We will confirm that your layout fits our printing specifications to ensure you end us with a high quality final product. If you need our layout template or need to coordinate on specifications, just give us a call.

Optimize Design and Increase Direct Mail Response

The following are key elements in creating a successful direct mail piece. Our team of artists has over 47 years of combined expertise in the field of direct mail. We look at each of these components to help design the most effective layout possible.

1. Focus on One Main Concept

What is the biggest benefit of your product or service to the customer? Not a feature, not just what you offer, but how what you offer solves a problem or creates a solution for your prospective customer. Stay focused on how you benefit the end user and you will reap the rewards of new customer. Include a testimonial and specific photos with a strong offer. Just remember to stay focused on your main topic. Save your multi-topic approach for your website.

2. Create a Strong Headline

In direct mail you have just a few seconds to capture the reader's attention. Make is count. It should be interesting and easy to read and suggest value. Don't clutter your ad piece with so much text and subheadings that the reader gets lost on that initial glance. Our graphic artists are experts in creating this key element and ensuring we capture your prospective customer's attention.

3. Support Headline/Concept with appropriate graphic

The graphic and the headline should work together to support your main concept. Don't just settle for a 'pretty' or 'nice' image. Our artist will search for just the right graphics necessary to grab the reader's attention, connect with the main concept and convey your message.

4. Simple and Easy to Follow

Don't get caught up in wanting to convey SO much information that your reader gets lost. Keep it simple and direct. Explain your idea at the most basic level. Don't ever assume you prospect will understand your product or service as well as you do. Make your message clear to understand the first time they read it, you won't get a second chance.

5. Strong Offer and Call to Action

Make an irresistible offer and give the prospect a reason to call NOW. Give your reader a powerful reason to call, to go to your website or to walk in your doors. Make is simple. Make it strong. Make it valuable.